When you’re in school, you can join different service project opportunities. You can take part in these opportunities by joining clubs. But if you want, you can start one by yourself. But we believe it’s better if you have some help. You’ll enjoy the service project better AND you’ll make lifelong connections in the process.

If you’re eager to start a service project by yourself, with friends, or with your club…

Here are 7 Service Project Opportunities You Can Start Today:

Habitat for Humanity

Many families and children are homeless. Some may have lost their homes due to a fire, flood or storm. Others are homeless due to severe poverty. You can help fix this by joining Habitat for Humanity.

This organization builds new homes for the homeless. They offer service project opportunities all the time. Volunteers can help with the construction or they can help by other means. You can do a donation drive to raise funds or gather new building tools.

Neighborhood Cleaning Projects

Pollution is one of the main reasons diseases are spreading. It’s a reason why so many animals are losing their homes. You can help out by launching service project opportunities to clean up the local area. If you don’t want to organize one, you can always join one at school. There’s always a place to clean out so this is one of the opportunities you can join today.

Music Show for the Elderly

Retirement homes can be lonely places. The elderly are well cared for but they might get lonely and bored. You can help out by volunteering to visit and launch a music show or a talent show. Even something as simple as a music show can relieve them from their sorrows. The elderly often appreciate it when they have guests. It lets them know that the world hasn’t forgotten them.

Yuda Bands

Yuda Bands is about selling bracelets to fund education for poor kids in Guatemala and Zimbabwe. Many service project opportunities are affordable but this one takes the cake because it’s 100 percent free.

The organization ships the bracelets and the marketing materials free of charge. You can even send back unsold bracelets for free too. This service project runs for two weeks and you can start right now.

Running a Donation Drive

When in doubt, run a donation drive. You can go around right now asking neighbors, work offices, and schools for donations of all kinds. You can ask for book donations to give to schools in poor places. They can donate clothes, canned food, and medicine for victims of floods and war. Money is also a good donation since most charity foundations prefer cash.

Selling Home-Baked Cookies

Girl Scouts sell cookies and they’ve gotten rather famous for it. It is popular for a good reason though. The money earned from selling cookies can go to different charity foundations. You can raise the funds to help people with cancer or to fund education for poor children.

Serve Food at a Shelter

Shelters are great places to volunteer at. You could help distribute food to the poor and the homeless. If they have too many people taking that job you can still help in other ways.

You can help cook the food, wash the dishes, and take out the trash. Some soup kitchens branch out and need volunteers to distribute food in faraway neighborhoods. You can help out with that, especially if you can travel. All of these ideas are great service project opportunities for you and others to try out.