Traveling is one, if not the greatest learning experience. That’s why there are service trips for High School Students. They get to help, meet new people, see new places and experience the world beyond your own.

The Yuda Bands Project visited countless places not only to suffice our wanderlust. Traveling has also shown us many different ways we can serve others. Our trips have exposed us to situations that have filled our hearts of service to the brim many times over — and we’d like you to experience it too.

Yuda’s Mission

Yuda Bands is on a mission to eradicate extreme poverty through education. We provide equal opportunities to children of developing nations by selling handcrafted bracelets made by Guatemala’s local artisans. It’s with the help of schools throughout the country that’s made Yuda Bands a sustainable service project.

The Yuda Bands Project Service Trips for High School Students

We not only ship the bracelets to be sold in various schools. We want project leaders and members to experience what it’s like to be at the forefront of our mission. That’s why each year, we organize service trips for high school students to become both a humanitarian and an adventurous traveler.

Zimbabwe and Guatemala are our primary destinations. Both are developing nations that have been part of Yuda’s life work since we started. Here, you will experience everything — from interacting with the most hospitable and warmest locals to even meeting your sponsored student.

Embarking on this journey will surely be a revelation. You will see first hand how the people of Guatemala and Zimbabwe live. Moreover, you will also get a taste of their beautiful culture. Let’s not forget the unique opportunity to serve them in the most rewarding ways personally.

What’s in it for you?

Yuda Bands is offering this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see how we serve. However, we are not in it for the business of travel. The beauty of our service learning project is that it is a continuous effort — the trips are a bonus. High school students who get to go for service will realize just how life-changing this trip can be.

1. An intense culmination

If you are currently part of a Yuda Bands project in your school, then you’re in luck. When you get to participate in this trip, you will have the opportunity to meet your sponsored student face to face. You will be welcomed to their humble homes and greeted by the warmest smiles and embraces.

The trip will not just change your life, but also the students who decided to serve the community there. It’s truly nothing like it, seeing all your efforts were worth it.

2. A gift of travel

Traveling is a gift not everyone is fortunate to receive. Being able to go far and beyond your hometown is a learning experience in itself. Whether you choose to go to Zimbabwe or Guatemala, these service trips for high school students will also be an excellent opportunity to experience a different language, culture, and tradition.

For example, part of Yuda’s trip package includes a visit to Guatemala’s well-loved tourist destinations like Lake Atitlan, Tikal National Park, and Antigua. From the places and faces to the food, it’s another to add to your list.

3. An awakening

It’s easy for us to lose ourselves in our daily routines. We forget about what’s happening outside of our world, and we get caught up with our problems, however superficial they can sometimes be.

This rare opportunity is what we consider an awakening, particularly among high school students who are on the cusp of their personal development. Once you see the real-life situations people of these developing nations are living in, your worry of becoming prom queen or king goes down the drain. Suddenly, you have this higher purpose of doing something impactful at an early age.

4. A promise of a better future

The beauty of Yuda Bands service project is its beneficial in all ways. It’s not just one student who gets a shot at a better tomorrow. It also helps local artisans who make these bracelets. Moreover, it helps you have better opportunities in your life.

Building your resume this early on will help once you apply for university. Your dream school will see just how much effort you put in on serving others. Moreover, this will also provide you better career opportunities once you graduate. After all, youth servant leaders are the hope of the world, particularly during these tumultuous times.

5. An experience of a lifetime

All students who previously participated in Yuda’s service trips were never the same again. Since then, they have continuously found ways to serve more communities in ways they can. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited for those who will be part of yet another experience of a lifetime.

The nine days you will spend in Guatemala will be life changing. Once you return, you will see the world differently, with greater purpose and a stronger desire to make it a better place.

Is this trip for you?

These service trips are for high school students. Whether you are currently a project leader or member or a student whose calling is to serve, you can apply on Yuda Bands’ official website. You will find all the information you need there.

Guatemala 9-Day Adventure

Participants will go on a nine-day adventure in Guatemala from July 25 to August 3, 2017.

Zimbabwe 15-Day Adventure

Participants will go on a fifteen-day adventure in Zimbabwe on 2018. We post the trip dates on the website.
Various qualifications and instructions are worth taking note. This way, you will have a trouble free adventure filled with unforgettable memories. We highly recommend saving up for the journey as early as you can. You could also organize your fundraising efforts to make this dream trip a reality for you.

If you are interested in experiencing this extraordinary adventure, then check our website for more details including prices, dates, and mechanics.

We can’t wait for you to join us!