A few weeks ago, a high school in Connecticut became the first school to test out our newest and definitely most exciting way of making a Yuda Bands project real and personal! Woodland Regional High School student council members spent about a half hour chatting with Maria Osorio and Alex Lopez, the two students they had chosen to sponsor by selling Yuda Bands at their school. Mary Vlamis said of the experience in an Instagram post, “Yesterday some student government members and I were able to Skype with the children in Guatemala that we are sponsoring with the Yuda Bands project. Alex and Maria are very appreciative for what we are doing for them. It’s amazing to think that the work we do here has such a positive influence on their lives.”  The report we heard back from Guatemala was that it was a “FANTASTIC” experience! They absolutely loved meeting, via Skype, the American students making their education possible!

We’re opening up this opportunity for all schools hosting a Yuda Bands project. When you are ready to schedule your call go to your student’s profile and click the button “Skype Call”. We think you’ll find their humility and gratitude heart-warming and inspiring!

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