So what’s the big deal with the Skype calls?

Well, I’ve been working with schools selling Yuda Bands for seven years. And during that time I trained over 2000 schools on how to sell the bracelets. While following each project I took note of the schools that sold the most bands and I would try to train the next school in the same way, so they could sell just as many bracelets. Well, turns out that after all these years I never could put my finger on exactly what makes a Yuda Bands project successful because each school responded differently to my suggested advertising ideas.

And then, not too long ago we introduced an exciting new aspect to the Yuda Bands project. The ability for a school to Skype with their international student. Of course we thought it would be exciting for the American students to meet the international students, but we never dreamed it would affect the bracelets sales. You see while each school is different and responds differently to the project, there was a common denominator with all of the successful schools. They understood the WHY behind the Yuda Bands project.

So why do I want you to Skype your international student?

The short answer? Because it will show you that extreme poverty is REAL and that your international student is REAL and most importantly that YOU are making a REAL difference. I also want you to give a chance to your international student to personally thank you for the efforts you are making to give them an education and provide them with the opportunity to break the multigenerational poverty cycle in which they find themselves.

The common denominator to have a successful project is understanding the WHY right? Well the fastest way to get your group passionate about the WHY and the CAUSE is to Skype your international student.

Make sure you are ready for your call! Watch 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Make an International Video Call.

Is it hard to set up the call?

Nope! Just click on the link I sent (or will send) you after you select your international student to sponsor. It will display the days and times your international student is available to Skype. Remember that due to timezone changes, school schedules, and travel times your student will have limited times. Your teacher might need to excuse you from a class, or you might need to get together during lunch or on a Saturday. If your entire group can’t be part of the call, please record it so you can show them (or the entire school) later. The excitement your call brings to your team leaders will trickle down to the entire student body as you advertise and sell the bands. It is not just ANOTHER bracelet project, this is a Yuda Bands project!

Check out this great news clip from earlier this year about the school skyping their Guatemalan student.