The Spanish National Honor Society is an inspiration to everyone. The organization has long been cultivating Spanish history, culture, and education all over the world. That’s why its student members become some of the best leaders and innovators.

Part of joining the SNHS is conducting Spanish Club activities that will help flourish one’s mastery in Spanish. From tutoring sessions to excursions, these projects allow members to be better in the language and its application.

Teaching Spanish can be challenging particularly for young students.

Below are some of the SNHS-inspired Spanish club activities to keep them engaged.


  1. Go to a local Spanish-speaking venue

One of the best ways to immerse your students in the language is visiting a place that speaks it all the time. Whether it’s a local Spanish restaurant, bakery or even a tourist center, a trip outside challenges your students to practice and learn.

Going to a Spanish-speaking venue also exposes them to fun and engaging activities. They get to meet people and hear their stories that they will find inspiring too.


  1. Have a mock cooking show

TV shows are conversational and interactive. Adapting the concept to your Spanish club will not only help their proficiency. It will also help them be more creative.

Divide your class into groups and allow each to come up with their spiel. Let them choose what to cook and how to present it. A cooking show is a great way for your students to learn and have fun while doing it. You can record the session so you have the opportunity to evaluate it with your students.


  1. Offer tutoring sessions to other students

SNHS is known for providing free tutoring sessions to others who can’t afford it. If you’re teaching high school students, you can take inspiration from this idea by letting them tutor those who are in need as well.

Here, they can help Spanish-speaking students with their homework or even have a Spanish-English learning session. This way, they’re not only helping these students who don’t have access to paid services. They also get to master their language skills.


  1. Read children’s stories for kids in shelters

If you have a local shelter with predominantly Spanish-speaking kids, then you’re in luck. You can take this opportunity for your students to read children’s stories to them. While you’re there, you can even organize a little program for them that includes a Spanish-inspired dance or performance.

This is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. For one, you get to put a smile on the children’s faces. Another is that your students get to have a renowned appreciation for all things Spanish.


  1. Submit a Spanish story or poem

Another way for your students to learn Spanish better is for them to write using the language. In SNHS, members are encouraged to submit their original works for possible publishing. You can adapt this idea by letting your students submit theirs.

It’s not just another learning experience. It’s a way for your students to express their creativity and unlock their potential.