The Spanish National Honor Society does more than just sharpen language skills. The organization extends its influence by organizing SNHS school projects. Whether it benefits the community or its members getting involved in an SNHS school project enlightens in many ways.

Student members of SNHS participate in a variety of school projects throughout the year. It may start as a mere requirement for others. However, it quickly becomes a wonderful way for teenagers to see beyond homework and quizzes.

You can join pre-existing projects or organize your own in SNHS. You can even take inspiration from these ideas to serve your community outside of the group.

Donating school supplies

One of the most popular SNHS school projects donating school supplies to those in need. The majority of these projects are centered on Spanish-speaking developing countries such as Guatemala and Honduras. Members are often tasked to collect/buy specific items needed by the students.


Free Spanish tutoring

Another school project is offering free tutoring sessions to different groups. It could be a set of students in another school who can’t afford private tutors or additional classes. It could also be offered to high school students outside SNHS. These inter-school Spanish tutoring programs not only help those in need. It also improves the members’ understanding and appreciation of the culture.


Mentoring programs

Another SNHS school project is a mentoring program set for bilingual students in need. These students don’t have access to paid mentors who can help them learn better. SNHS student volunteers spend time with their mentees playing games, helping them with homework, and so forth. The majority of these students only speak Spanish. So it also helps SNHS members to hone their language skills at the same time.


Thanksgiving service project

Not all are fortunate to indulge during Thanksgiving. That’s why SNHS strives to organize programs to ensure that families can experience what it’s like to have a Thanksgiving meal. SNHS student members collect the names of these families. From here, they buy and collect food items needed for them.


Out-of-school entertainment

One more popular project is entertaining people outside of school. For example, the SNHS members of Villa Wash Academy once entertained the nuns of St. Joseph Infirmary with presentations and presents. This is one way to bring joy to those in need it. Moreover, members are able to share the rich history and culture of Spain.


Joining field trips

SNHS student members also get to enjoy various excursion trips. For example, a trip to a local Spanish restaurant helps them appreciate the culinary joys of the country’s cuisine. Plus, it challenges members to speak the language as they talk with restaurant owners and staff. A big bonus is for them to feast on the delectable delights the Spaniards are known for.


Journal submission

This is a different kind of SNHS school project wherein members are encouraged to submit their original Spanish work. Themes for the journal submissions vary every year. This doesn’t just help members to improve their Spanish mastery. It also unlocks their talent and opens many doors of opportunities for them in the future.