Spanish classes are fun and engaging. Sometimes, however, lectures can get boring and monotonous. You can spice up your Spanish class with a project that explores the Spanish culture. These projects will allow students to get more involved instead of staying as static observers. But, you have to find Spanish culture project ideas first.

That’s why we created a list for you.

Below are 6 Spanish Culture Project Ideas You Can Try

Prepare Samples of Spanish-Culture Food

Preparing and tasting authentic Spanish food is one of the best Spanish culture project ideas you can try.  Students may not stay interested in long lectures. But they will show interest when it comes to tasting delicacies especially food they haven’t tried before.

You can insert some lectures during the food-tasting session. You can talk about the cultural significance of each dish and what they’re Spanish names are.

Replicate a Spanish Festival

There are a lot of Spanish festivals. In Spain itself, there are the La Tomatina and Feria del Caballo festivals. Other nations like Mexico have the Son Jarocho Music and the Dia de Muertos festivals.

Your class can explore Spanish culture project ideas such as these. These projects allow them to experience firsthand the celebrations that the Spanish revere. This is also a good opportunity to let the students practice some Spanish songs, dances, and traditional fashion.

Yuda Bands

Yuda Bands is a simple but effective charity for students in Zimbabwe or Guatemala. All you have to do is sell a few handmade bracelets to raise funds and finance their education. It’s a free project and it only lasts for two weeks.

The best part is that your students will get to communicate with the person they’re helping. Yuda Bands encourages using Skype to forge a personal bond between the students. If you’re helping a student from Guatemala, the students will get to practice their Spanish skills with an actual Spanish speaker.

Play Spanish Games and Songs

Lectures are boring but necessary. Activities can help break the monotony in the classroom. Fun activities are often the best choices because they engage students more than others. There are many traditional Spanish games and songs for the students to try out.

You can make it even more fun by turning the event into a competition. This will motivate the students to get more involved. If you’re running a charity event or drive, like Yuda Bands, you can merge it with this music and games event. This means you can hit two birds with one stone and have fun while doing it.

Aid in Spanish-Centric Charity Events

If you want projects that also help the community, you can propose several charity events. There is the previously mentioned Yuda Bands project. There is also Habitat for Humanity that the students can volunteer for.

You can get the students together to run a donation drive. You can gather clothes, food, or money for Spanish victims of hurricanes, floods, and war. These charity events will bring the students closer to the culture they are studying. It will also give them a chance to connect with the world and help out in any way they can.

Presentations to Discover Spanish-Speaking Countries

You can still make it fun even when the students have to stick in the classroom. The students can play a travel agent game.

Divide the class into teams. Each team gets assigned a Spanish-speaking country to report on. Each team has to report on the country’s history and festivals. They’ll have to discuss how that country’s dialect of Spanish is different from the others. It will help the students differentiate one Spanish country from the other.