Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does my club need to start a service project?”

If you have, then you’re not the only one. A lot of students are wondering if it’s necessary, part of a curriculum or people just want to do it for fun. But, we’re here to tell you it’s more than that.

The term “service project” has a lot of definitions. The main definition we use is “when people cooperate to help the community.”

Being part of a service project can be life-changing. Not only will it open your eyes, but also open the eyes of those you’ve helped. That’s why we encourage those who have the time and resources to take part at least once.

School clubs normally have service projects once a year. This is because students and teachers can use the experience. It will give students new perspective and teachers a fresh take on what students are capable of.

It is easy for teachers to start a service project. They only need to use current local events or international issues as a starting point.

Teachers can also use it is a learning experience. For example, if they want students to learn Spanish, they can start a service project where students need to speak Spanish to help.

Now, these are just some of the reasons why you need to start a service project. Below are a few more.

15 Reasons Why You Need To Start a Service Project

It is a Learning Experience For Teachers

Mentors are often the ones who deliver learning to their students. Service learning projects provide opportunities for teachers to learn new things. It helps them see their students in a different light. This sparks most when the project centers on the synergy between teachers and students.

It Helps Teachers Gain Insight From Students

Most students rise up to the challenge entailed by service projects. This could open up new doors for teachers to learn. Teachers often get surprised at how the youth can speak at a level that everyone can understand.  This lets the teachers see things in a fresh new perspective.

It Helps Teachers Understand Their Job

Joining projects allow teachers to have a better understanding of their job. A service project makes them look past their function as individuals giving tests. It also lets them see that they are vital to the community as the foundation for future generations of leaders and upstanding citizens.

It Helps People See the Importance of Schools

Doing the service learning project makes the community understand how schools can help. People who face hardships the most can see schools as a saving grace. Benefactors will learn to appreciate how even the youth can aid them in their times of trial.

It Helps the Community Become Closer to Each Other

Even outside the schools, a service project can help bring together a community. It can bring the world together under the banner of humanitarianism and charity. Simple service projects like cleanup drives and feeding programs can unite the community.

It Provides Valuable Experience For Students

A lot of students focus too much on their own social lives. They often do not look past their circles and see the bigger picture. Once they do a service project, they learn that they are part of a much bigger community. This can broaden their horizons in life.

Many students will learn to appreciate the experience. They can use this knowledge in the future. It will help guide them in the decisions they make as they grow older.

It Inspires Students to Become Compassionate

Starting a service project makes students empathize with the less fortunate. This makes them understand the importance of helping other people. It molds them to become better individuals in the future. Even a person will become a little compassionate after seeing the condition other people live in.

It Makes Students Appreciate Their Life

Students often do not see the big picture of them being self-absorbed. Joining a service project allows students to understand that their lives are not as bad as they think. They get to compare their lives to individuals that struggle for survival.

It Inspires Everyone to Help Beyond Their Community

There are a lot of service projects out there that lets people help poor countries. They offer ways of helping without having to leave one’s city or country. One example is the Yuda Bands project. It allows students to sell bracelets made by Guatemalan and Zimbabwean artisans. The money helps fund a poor student’s education. It also creates jobs for the artisans.

It Can Inspire Students to Pursue a Humanitarian Career

Service projects can prove to be life-changing experiences for students. Some students may want to continue doing humanitarian projects even after graduating. When they reach college, they might want to consider taking a humanitarian course. This lets them step into a career that continues to help the community.

It Allows Both Teachers and Students to Reflect

After the service project ends, teachers and students can reflect on their experience. Doing this makes the project richer because they can think more about the world beyond the school’s premises. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to plan ahead for the next project and make it better.

It Allows the Community to See That Students Care

Often, most adults think that students suffer a disconnect from the community. In truth, there are actually a lot of students that need proper guidance. They need mentors to start their service learning project. Joining in service projects lets people see there are still a lot of students willing to help.

It Makes Students More Resourceful

Some service projects do not have much funding from the get-go. It is often up to the students to improvise and find solutions. They can devise a great strategy to overcome constraints since they have many resources. Students can raise extra funds online or organize fund-raising events.

It is Inclusive

Most students have limited views about other people in school. Letting students join school-wide service projects allow them to mingle with other people. They will form bonds and strengthen the ones they have through the spirit of charity. Through these activities, their views will broaden.

It is Cheap and Easy to Start

Service projects are very flexible. This does depend on the kind of project the school wants to undertake. For example, the Yuda Bands project is free since the organization provides everything needed. With enough resourcefulness, even a simple service project can impact lives.

If you want to start a service project for FREE, then join the Yuda Bands Project. 

Every step of the process is free. Plus, you’ll help a student (of your choosing) in Guatemala or Zimbabwe finish high school. You’ll even have the chance to speak with the student you’ll sponsor. In fact, we encourage it so you’ll know EXACTLY how you’re helping them.

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