“Followers are more important to leaders than leaders are to followers.”

A “Pre-sales” meeting [obviously] needs to take place before you start your official sales. We schedule all of our projects to start on Wednesday. Ideally you would have your pre-sales meeting on the Monday before your sales start.

Meeting Purpose:

To inform student leaders and teachers about your project and encourage them to purchase Yuda Bands to help you advertise. 


The best way to jumpstart the Yuda Bands movement at your school is to hold a pre-sales meeting. Hand select the people you invite to attend this meeting based on their influence around the school. It only takes a few followers to reach that tipping point that makes everyone excited to join in and buy a Yuda Band.

Who you should invite to the meeting:

Trend setters, opinion leaders, and influential students and teachers.

I recommend you make a list of as many clubs, groups, sports teams, and cliques as possible. Here is a quick list to get you started:

  • Student Council
  • NHS
  • Key Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Band kids
  • Drama kids
  • Soccer Team
  • Cheer Squad

Next, make another list of the 2-5 most influential people in each of the groups. List specific names of kids and teachers in your school.

Divide the names between your team leaders to invite them to your meeting. Paper invites are an effective way to quickly invite someone. Include the day, time, and meeting place on the invite. Remind everyone to bring $7 to purchase a Yuda Band.

What to talk about in your meeting

  • What are Yuda Bands
  • Introduce your international student
  • Tell a personal reason why you are doing the Yuda Bands project
  • Show “What if” video
  • Sell Yuda Bands

How long your meeting should last

10-15 minutes


I know that everyone has a busy schedule. It’s important to keep the meeting short and to the point. During lunch is usually a great time to hold the meeting. The goal is to get a large number of students to become walking advertisement and join the movement. If you can’t hold a meeting take Yuda Bands around and tell each student on your list about them and encourage them to buy a band from you there on the spot.