Poverty does not only limit people’s finances. It also sometimes limits their hope. They think their father and grandfather’s poverty will also be theirs. Then they pass this belief to their children. This is what we call the poverty cycle. And one of the best ways to stop the poverty cycle is through education.

A person can’t dream of a better life if he doesn’t what a “better life” looks like. In some countries, poverty has become so rampant and has been going on for decades that it became the norm. That’s why children don’t dream or want more. Only because they don’t know that means or what it looks like.

They resign to the fact that is their life. It won’t improve. It will only get worse.

You also have to factor in how they’re treated. In some countries, they are treated as 2nd or 3rd class citizens. This kind of discrimination contributes to the poverty cycle.

What Can We Do To Stop The Poverty Cycle?

There are actually several ways to stop the poverty cycle. Education is by far one of the best. Educated citizens elevate their society and community. So the more you educate children in poor areas, the better your chances of stopping the poverty cycle in the future.  Here are four ways in which education can put an end to the Poverty Cycle.

Aside from that, below are more four ways how education can stop the Poverty Cycle:

  1. It gives them hope.

    More often than not, the lack of education affects the life of a child as he or she grows up. Unfortunately, being born in a family whose parents did not receive proper education can continue the cycle. The chances of them dropping out of school are high.

    By bringing education to them, they’ll strive for something better. If you let them have access information through books and other materials, they’ll see that there is hope.

  2. It acts as a stepping stone.

    Education doesn’t start in schools alone but in the homes as well. Education should not be limited to the children alone but should encompass their parents as well, since they are the first teachers that their children will learn from. By educating both young and old, the parents will be in a better position for them to get out of their current situation and also help their children rise from poverty.


  1. It creates a well-rounded person.

    Aside from giving tools that will improve their way of life, education can also help form a well-rounded person. The kind of person that can contribute to the society. Through learning, the poor will no longer be able to feign ignorance. They are trained and honed to think not just about their welfare but the welfare of others too.


  1. It can strengthen the family.

    Poverty can take its toll on the welfare of a family, especially when parents struggle to make ends meet. This can trigger depression, malnutrition, and other health issues that can affect the children too.

    Getting educated, and being able to get a diploma. This will open opportunities that can get food on the table. More than that, it will give them a chance of being able to save for the future. Knowing that parents are able to provide for their family, it will help strengthen the relationship between parents and children.