Adrian makes Yuda Bands. He can also eat a stack of tortillas about 12 inches high at lunch–he has a big appetite! That’s why his story of obtaining a diploma from high school last year is so touching. In order to graduate from high school, Adrian ate only 2 meals a day for an entire year.

Adrian lives with his family about an hour away from San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala, and the nearest high school. Adrian wanted an education so much that he willingly moved to town, leaving his family behind, and rented a single room. Adrian was sponsored by Yuda Bands, which paid his tuition at a private high school, but with great sacrifice, his family paid for his living expenses. In order to afford the room, Adrian ate only two meals a day for the entire school year. The school director told me that when Adrian received his diploma at the graduation ceremony, he openly wept with joy.

So, if you or someone you know is tempted to complain about school, remember Adrian and the millions like him, and appreciate your education!