Being in a position of power does not automatically mean you’re a student leader. Having a lot of followers may seem like it but it also does not mean you’re a leader. If you want to become a student leader or if you’re not sure if you already are, you should be asking these nine questions.

These questions are the ones that leaders often think about and tackle. These questions help true leaders to make the right decisions and manage their teams for the tasks ahead of them.

Are You a Student Leader? Ask Yourself These 9 Questions

How Can I Help?

This is always the first question a student leader should be asking. They don’t wait for people to tell them what to do. Leaders take the initiative and do what they can to finish their tasks and get something done. When they aren’t sure what they can do, leaders don’t wait for instructions. They ask what they can contribute.

Am I Hoarding the Responsibilities?

A leader knows his or her strengths and weaknesses. A leader also knows the strengths and weaknesses of the team members. Good student leaders don’t hoard all the responsibilities. They don’t think they’re the only reliable ones to get the job done. Responsible student leaders assign different tasks to team members they know are fit for the job.

Do I Maintain Good Communication?

Student leaders need to learn how to cooperate and communicate with the team. They’re the anchor that holds the team together. Leaders need to know how to discuss problems and when to praise team members for their good contributions.

Can I Be Accountable?

Even the best teams with the best leaders will falter and fail at times. A good leader doesn’t place all the blame on one person. More importantly, a leader knows how to take responsibility for that failure even if it was someone else’s fault.

Do I Go Above and Beyond?

Settling for the mediocre or average result isn’t inherently bad but it is not the quality of a student leader. Leaders never strive for the most average result. They aim for the stars and even then try to above and beyond that.

Am I Decisive?

It is important to listen to the advice of others. It is important to listen and take into consideration what other people are saying. Despite all this, leaders don’t just adhere to these words and instead make their own decisions. They stand by those decisions. Otherwise, they would be a follower and not a leader.

How Open Am I To Change?

Smart and productive people might have a good formula or routine working for them. That system won’t work all the time, however. Leaders need to have some adaptability. They need to change and adapt to the situation around them. Sometimes, the play they have going just isn’t working and it’s time to try something new.

Am I Passionate and Motivated?

Leaders are passionate and motivated regardless of the nature of the tasks assigned to them. It could be the most exciting task or the most boring task and they’ll still get engaged. This, in turn, motivates the other teammates to get excited and involved as well.

Do I Focus on People or the Job?

The best leaders understand that it’s never about the job – it’s about dealing with people. If you want to be a standout student leader you need to remember that you should focus more on the people you’re responsible for. Knowing them and dealing with them will lead to success.