Students Against Poverty


The Alliance of Students Against Poverty

When Valparaiso High School senior Peter Fink was only a sophomore, he founded the after school club called The Alliance of Students Against Poverty (ASAP). The club, founded in 2010, was created with the goal to fight poverty locally, nationally and worldwide.

“I thought our school had a lot of potential. Our School has great clubs already such as Key Club. I wanted to make a club that would let people have a good time while benefitting people locally and worldwide. It’s a win-win situation,” Fink said.“Students can meet, have fun and do their part to help fight poverty.”

Recently, the club applied through Valparaiso High School to be a part of The Yuda Bands Project.

“The Yuda Band Project employs people in Guatemala to make bracelets then sends the bracelets to selected American high school organizations to sell them in their school. All the money from the sales of the bracelets is given back to the Yuda Project. The money is used to send children in third world countries to school,” he said. “After all, education is the most effective way to break the poverty cycle.”

On Feb. 15 during a home basketball game, Club President Peter Fink, club members junior Greer Brown, junior Marilee Tullis and freshman Jane Tullis were working very hard to sell the 500 bracelets they received from the Yuda Band Project. Their goal is to sell all the bracelets and make over $3,000.


Students Against Poverty


With the proceeds, ASAP is happy to be able to send Samantha from Haiti to school. There is still time to purchase one of these stylish handmade bracelets. During all lunch periods through next week at Valparaiso High School, the bracelets are being sold for a modest donation price. Buy one, buy two or three, keep one and give the others to a friend. By purchasing a bracelet, you can help change a life.

ASAP is active all year creatively raising money to fight against poverty.

“Our first fundraiser was called Ping Pong Against Poverty,” Fink said. “We have held this event annually for the last three years. This year, we were able to raise $650. Half of the money went to buy a lama for a family in South America via Heifer International. The other half went to Housing Opportunities.

“In the spring we are going to hold a benefit concert with my band ELCA. We held one last spring at Valpo Velvet and were able to raise $1,000 that we donated to Hilltop Neighborhood House. We are planning to hold this benefit again this spring at the end of May. We will have more details about the benefit concert after we have it finalized at later date.”

ASAP member Greer Brown said it makes her feel good to help other people.


Students against poverty


Marilee Tulls added, “It makes me happy just knowing that you are somehow making a change.”

Jane Tullis joined ASAP because, “As a freshman, I heard it was the best club to get involved in because it is such a fun way to help the world be a better place.”

If you would like to purchase a bracelet or make a donation to ASAP call 219-531-3070 and ask for ASAP club sponsor Otis Brown.

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