The National Junior Honor Society or NJHS focuses on promoting excellence amongst middle school students. Students in the NJSH go above and beyond what is expected of them. So gaining a leadership position in this organization will be quite impressive. However, becoming an NJSH leader is easier said than done.

Here are a few key tips to become an NJSH Leader

Maintain Good Grades

The NJHS has five requirements just to become a member and one of them is a scholarship. Simply joining means a student has to keep an average GPA of 3.5 just to qualify. To become a leader a student needs to meet these requirements and do even better if they can.

Leaders are seen as exemplary students that others should follow. This means you should not allow your grades to drop below the required mark. Students who get good grades and maintain them throughout the year have what it takes to be a leader.

Join Leadership Development Activities

The NJHS offers several leadership development activities that take place throughout the year. The most frequent of these are the weekly Leadership Experience and Development (LEAD) conferences. Students can also go to the National Student Leadership Week, which is held once a year. Students may also join State Summits that focus on student empowerment and leadership cultivation.

Members of the NJHS are not required to be active at all times but leaders should be. Every there are leadership workshops and activities you should take part in order to acquire and cultivate the needed skills expected of you.

These activities are highly recommended because they teach students how leaders work, behave and deal with others. It is very common for previous NJHS members to come in as guest speakers, particularly those who have graduated and have attained success in their careers.

Take Part in Community Services

Getting good grades is just one pillar of being in the NJHS. Other key pillars are citizenship and service. Being a good citizen and providing service to others is expected of you. Volunteering for community service activities will not only prove you’re ready to become a leader but it also helps make you stand out from the others.

Community services aren’t just limited to cleaning the streets or working as crew members at a soup kitchen. Tree planting, handing out donations to the needy and tutoring young kids are some of the other service activities you can partake in.

Maintain Good Conduct

Followers always watch their leaders. When one makes a mistake, no matter how small, it leads to devastating impacts. Another pillar of the NJHS is a good character. It takes a leader a lot of effort to maintain that throughout their middle school life.

Students that attain certificates for good conduct are often looked at first when the institution is looking for new leaders. To get one a student has to prove they haven’t done anything against the school’s code of conduct or the national law. Avoid getting into trouble because even one account of detention could disqualify you for a leadership position.