When it comes to different community service projects, teachers often are quick to suggest Yuda Bands. This project is getting more popular across the world. Teachers love Yuda Bands and the students are falling in love with it too. But why do teachers suggest this above other community service ideas?

The 8 Reasons Why Teachers Love Yuda Bands:

It’s Personal

Students involved with Yuda Bands aren’t just raising funds for random kids. They get to meet and talk to the people they’re helping through Skype video chat. This puts a face to the project and motivates students to help as much as they can.

It’s Free

Yuda Bands doesn’t cost a penny to operate. Everything – from the marketing materials like posters to the bracelets – gets sent free of charge. Anything unsold or unused can get shipped back for free as well. Students can conduct this project as many times as they want since they aren’t burdened with expenses.

It’s Quick and Easy

Unlike other service projects, this one only runs for two weeks. Once the students get the bracelets they’ll have two weeks to sell as many items as they can. After that, the project is essentially done and they’ll send back any unsold bracelets. You can sell these bracelets to anyone too, making it accessible even for young students.

It’s Leadership Training

Students who get into Yuda Bands automatically grasp new leadership skills. After all, to run this project they have to manage multiple team members and different responsibilities. Leadership through service is a key aspect of Yuda Bands and it shows. Teachers love Yuda Bands because it helps them cultivate better leadership skills in their students.


It’s Educational

Many students might take their privileges for granted. Once they see the difficulties of the children in Guatemala and Zimbabwe, however, that attitude can change. They’ll appreciate and value more the education that they have. They’ll come to realize that they have a much better life than other people around the world.

It’s Unifying

Teachers love Yuda Bands because it brings the students together. When students see other students wearing a Yuda Bands bracelet they’ll know they have something in common. They’ll know that they did something good to help someone in need. Even if those students don’t personally know each other, they’ll have that bond unifying them together.

It’s Effective

There are many service projects but not all of them are effective. Donating canned food, for example, is more of a nuisance than a help. Yuda Bands stands out because it is effective and people see the effects almost instantaneously. You’re raising cash to put a kid in school. The money can also go to paying the school teachers, buying new books, and providing better school equipment.

It’s for All Ages

You don’t have to be a high school student to get into Yuda Bands. It’s free and easy to operate meaning just about anyone can try it out. Middle school students and even college students can take part of this program. It’s one of the few service projects that is applicable for people of all ages.