1990 was a year when 2 billion of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. These men and women earn as little as $1.90 a day. Flash-forward to 2015, we received the best news when World Bank President Jim Yong Kim declared, “We are the first generation in human history that can start ending extreme poverty.”

We couldn’t be more hopeful since the great fall of extreme poverty. As long as we continue our collective efforts, we can eradicate extreme poverty entirely by 2030.

But what does it take for us to maintain this pace? Can we truly be the generation that ends extreme poverty?

The Essential Role of Millennials in Ending Extreme Poverty

Millennials are often given a bad reputation. It’s a generation that is equated to a lack of commitment, an addiction to social media and superficiality. However, beyond the stigma lies a very powerful generation key to ending extreme poverty.

Millennials are the first generation to have full access to technology. They have the power to spark interest and inspire change across the world. Whether it’s to create campaigns or gather like-minded people together, millennials can make the most of today’s technology for the better.

Other than harnessing the power of the Internet, millennials have also been organizing events, festivals, and conferences to help eradicate extreme poverty. Their creativity and energy are pivotal to spreading the word and bringing about change.
Contrary to popular belief, millennials are more involved than ever — and we are here to do our part as well.

Pushing for Sustainability

There are plenty of ways to end the vicious cycle of extreme poverty. It doesn’t matter how little or big your effort is. What counts is that you are doing your part.

Providing equal opportunities for education is an empowering way to end poverty. That’s why here at YUDA, we strive to put children of developing nations to school with your help. With better understanding come better opportunities for a more fulfilling life.

Empowering student leaders is another way to strengthen our fight against poverty. We believe that the future is in better hands when we have young minds that care about world issues at an early age.

Health and sex education are also critical to eradicating extreme poverty. Understanding the importance of clean water, disease prevention, and contraception breeds more educated people. When this happens, we lessen the risk of deadly diseases that drive populations to their demise.

Improving food supply can help many families get out of the vicious cycle. From learning how to raise poultry to discover self-sufficiency, it not only ensures the better health of households. It also provides more income opportunities to beat destitution.

Relentless community service projects are among the best means to end extreme poverty. Whether it’s to build homes, improve environmental conditions or organize food drives, these projects play a vital role to inspire change in people.

We can be the generation that ends extreme poverty as long as we don’t stop trying. Your efforts don’t have to be grand. The littlest projects can make the biggest difference. So why not start in your neighborhood? Take a walk and see how you can improve the lives of others.