Becoming part of the student government isn’t just for show. The importance of student council is not based on the position, authority or popularity that comes with it. The student council plays a pivotal role in setting an example for the rest of the school. This way, more students will be driven not to just be students. They will want to do more beyond attending school.

There are many ways the student council can impact change in school. For one, student leaders can influence others by undertaking projects that matter. Bridging the gap between entitlement and poverty is one of them.


The Common Attitude

Many students forget to appreciate the gift of education. They wake up, attend school, answer quizzes and attend school events. To them, it’s just a requirement to get by and get a job when they grow up. Worse, others skip school and not treasure the blessing given to them.

That’s why every school needs inspirational student leaders who can help students realize that it’s not just about attending school. It’s appreciating the education they are receiving.


The Current Situation

It’s important for students to develop a better sense for others. While many are enjoying the privileges that come with the lives they live, much more are surviving on less than $2 a day. Over 3 billion people are living in poverty. In countries such as Zimbabwe, Guatemala, and India, there are so many people who don’t have the access to education, healthcare, infrastructure, and the like.

A big cause? The depravity of education. There are so many children born into poverty by uneducated parents. This creates a vicious cycle of children unable to go to school and in turn, they are stuck with the lives handed down to them.

Others may be left wondering what exactly they can do to change the situation. The good news little effort is needed to make a big change.

Importance of Student Council: Bridging the Gap

Between students who are privileged to afford school and those who don’t, there’s a lot the student council can do to bridge the gap. There are countless projects all around the world fighting to provide free education to those who need it. Hopefully, this will give others a second chance and live better lives.


Yuda Bands

One of the most impactful projects out there is the Yuda Bands project. Here, students can work with the non-profit organization in hopes of sending more underprivileged children to school in countries such as Zimbabwe and Guatemala.

Through selling Yuda bands/bracelets, the student council can sponsor a student and give them a chance to change their lives for the better. In the process, the student council can also go beyond selling and take part in excursions in poverty-stricken areas.


A Light of Hope

What makes Yuda Bands instrumental in bridging the gap is it changes students’ perspectives. Those who are able to attend and afford school suddenly realize how much more need proper education. Moreover, they realize that at such a young age, they can impact the lives of others and help them have a better future.

Young people helping young people makes us believe in a world full of light, love, and hope. It makes us believe that the next generation is embracing the responsibility and rising up to the challenge.

The student council can take the lead on connecting with Yuda Bands to get the project started. You can influence and inspire others to get involved and do something more meaningful. Moreover, it sets an example to other students that you don’t need a lot to impact change. All you need is drive and the right service project to pair it with.

The best part? The Yuda Bands project costs nothing at all. The bracelets will be shipped to you for free and any bracelet that isn’t sold will be shipped back to them at zero cost. Free video training is even given to those who want to sign up.


What Makes Yuda Bands Special

These Yuda bracelets are all about wearing change. It’s not merely an aesthetic addition to your everyday ensemble. Those who wear it show that they are one with the mission to end extreme poverty through education. It’s not simply a bracelet. It’s a statement of hope.

From the local artisans making the bracelets by hand to sending children to school, Yuda Bands is a unique project that is a joy to be part of. You feel an intense connection with people across the globe. All of a sudden, you have a greater purpose.

There’s a sense of pride in taking part of this project. From preparing your group to selling them and promoting it, the hard work you will put in makes you feel accomplished. Moreover, you realize that you are doing something for the greater good and making the most of the privilege you have to help others.

No longer will it just be the days of thinking about prom, pop quizzes or your crushes. You become part of a mission to make this world a better place. That, to us, is a life-changing experience young student leaders will treasure for the rest of their lives.


Inspiring Others

It starts with leaders who want to make a change and deliver a message of hope. It doesn’t matter if you are still in school or you are still young. Being part of the student council means leading your fellow students to do more than just report to school. There’s a lot you can do to improve the lives of others and learn valuable lessons along the way.

There will be challenges along the way. Others may see it more of a chore or requirement. It’s all part of the mission. What you must remember is it’s a gift to inspire others to be bigger than who they are; to step out of their comfort zone and step up.

Eventually, the hard work will pay off. Soon, you will be reaping its rewards and be even more grateful for the life you have.