Hi, I am Tomás Adolfo Chapén Velasco.  I have four brothers and two sisters. I live in a place named Varituc, near San Martin Jilotepeque. My father is a bricklayer and my mother is a housewife. I like to read books. My favorite subjects are math and accounting. My other siblings are studying too so it is hard for my parents to pay for all our schooling. I know that my family and I will be able to have a better life through receiving a good education. My dream is become an accountant and I will study hard to achieve it! 

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I’m really excited to be partnering with Yuda Bands to help pay Tomás Adolfo Chapén Velasco’s school fees. Tomás lives in an area of Guatemala where they don’t have public junior and sr high schools. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I want to change Tomás’ world!

The good news is, it only costs $430 to pay all of Tomás’ school fees for an entire year. What a small price to change Tomás’ life and help him reach his potential! Please consider joining me and contributing to his education.

I personally chose to help Tomás because share why you were drawn to this student. Please watch this short video to get to know him and consider how your life would be different if you couldn’t have continued your education beyond 6th grade, simply because you couldn’t afford it

I know together we can make a big difference and change Tomás’ life!  

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