The Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an organization aimed to hone the youth leaders of tomorrow. Whether you are interested in Science, fashion, marketing, music, and others, it’s in FCCLA that you can sharpen your skills. One of the most exciting things about being in the organization is their FCCLA Star Events.

It’s through these events where you, as well as others, can show their talents. The fun part is you can come up with your own FCCLA Star Event ideas.

Need inspiration? Here are some FCCLA Star Event ideas you can use.


1. Instagram stories on advocacy

Raising awareness is key to impactful change. Whether it’s a rare disease or a current socio-political turmoil in a third world country, the power of social media is incomparable.

One example is to use Instagram’s latest feature, Instagram stories. Here, you can get creative on raising awareness about issues that matter to you. You can also get other people in on it by them doing their own stories as well. From here, you can use hashtags, geo-tags as well as links to further educate others.



2. Soup kitchen stations

Soup kitchens help feed countless people in any neighborhood. Instead of just coming up with one soup kitchen for a special occasion, why not amplify by adding more?

You can invite other FCCLA chapters to come over and organize their own soup kitchen. Each station can have a certain category, such as appetizers, mains, desserts, and the like. It’s a little like providing free buffet to the hungry and homeless.



3. Fashion from scraps

If you’re passionate about fashion, then you can definitely put your talent to the test. Instead of just sourcing out materials from usual stores, why not step it up and use scraps and pre-loved items?

Gather everyone interested and collect the items you can use through donations or clothing drive. From here, you can hold a contest with your fellow fashion-savvy contestants. You can even auction off the final products and give the money to any charity of your choice.



4. Recycled Christmas décor

Fancy creating stuff? Then get on your artistic side. Recycling items just in time to make Christmas décor is one of the many FCCLA Star Event ideas you can use. Just like creating fashionable pieces from scraps, you can also collect items from old donations or even from the trash.

Hold a contest and raise money to give to those who are in need. Plus, you can even use these Christmas decorations to beautify your school, church or community park.



5. Organize a fun run

Fun runs are great because they are trendy, and just about everyone is getting into better nutrition and fitness. Furthermore, it’s a wonderful way to partner with your cause.

Organize a fun run in hopes of raising money to fund researchers. Whether it’s to learn more about rare diseases or find a cure for cancer, a fundraising fun run is incredibly beneficial in more ways than one.



6. Make tourism videos

Tourism is a magnificent way to showcase your home city or country. That’s why making a tourism video about it is one of the most fun FCCLA Star Event ideas.

Here, you can get creative and show everyone why more people should visit your town. You can get everyone in on it, from your mayor to your quirky neighbor. You can even organize a contest and have others select the winner, which can then be used as the official tourism video of your area.


7. Summer camp for special children

Holding a summer camp for children with special needs is another brilliant FCCLA Star Event idea. With this, you’re able to provide an experience many of these children only dream to have.

You can raise funds to find the best outdoors area for them, as well as come up with medals, trophies, and certificates for everyone.


8. The Yuda Bands Project

Do you like wearing beautiful, trendy, and fashionable bracelets? Are you passionate about helping students, who can’t afford school, graduate high school? If you are, then the Yuda Bands Project is perfect for you.

The Yuda Bands Project is a service project that helps students from Zimbabwe and Guatemala. You sell beautifully designed and well-crafted bracelets called “YUDA” bands. All the proceeds to students of your choice.

The best part?

You can talk to the student you’re going to sponsor on Skype. Over 1M students have already joined. They thought it was an extraordinary and humbling experience because they directly improved students’ lives.

Do you want to know more?

Click here to see what the Yuda Bands project is all about.