When we think about “travel,” we imagine 5-star hotels, flights, free time to explore, the beach, doing things we love etc. We do different things when we travel. But most of us want to relax and discover new things. Once you do, you’re like a whole new person when you get back. That’s why we can definitely say travel will change your perspective.

Here are 8 ways travel will change your perspective:

You’ll Constantly Test Your Comfort Zone

Traveling is never easy, even for people who do it all the time. You might have phobias about riding planes or staying in a hotel room alone.

You might get nervous about having to ask strangers for directions. Whatever your phobia is, you’ll have to face it when you’re traveling. Constant travel will change your perspective about your comfort zone and break out of that bubble.

You’ll Become More Social

Going around the country or the world requires you to interact with a lot of people. If you’re traveling alone, you’re forced to learn how to socialize otherwise you’ll get lost.

Travel will change your perspective on making friends. It will also change your perspective regarding different cultural backgrounds. Before you know it, you’ll have friends from every corner of the world.

You’ll Rediscover Yourself

Staying in one place for a long time can bury a person’s view of themselves. By traveling you’ll rediscover what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

You’ll discover what you want to do in your life and the kind of people you prefer to stick around with. It’s possible that the person you’ve been in recent years isn’t who you really are. By traveling, you can let that person out of the shell holding him or her back in.

You’ll Likely Stay More Positive in Life

Many studies have shown that people who travel have a positive view on life. All the stress and negativity in your life might be tied to the place you stay in. Traveling lets you distance yourself from that stress. You can then focus on the things that make you happy. Traveling is a good way to reset your mood and mind.

You’ll Learn to Appreciate Things More

When a person stays in one place for too long they take the small things for granted. Traveling changes a person’s perspective on this and you’ll appreciate the small things more.

When you’re on the road you might not have access to amenities you normally don’t think twice about. That’s when you’ll realize their true value and you’ll come to love them more when you do get your hands on them again.

You’ll Become More Creative

Another way travel will change your perspective is that it opens your eyes to the wonders of the world. People who travel get the urge to take photographs. Others write about their journeys and the things they’ve witnessed. Others still get the desire to paint or take amazing videos. Going around wakens the more creative side in a person.

You’ll Develop Independence

Traveling boosts your self-confidence. In due time, you’ll be more independent than you were before. You’ll get used to booking flights on your own, sleeping in hotel rooms, and going to different places without help. Being independent makes you a stronger person. You can get this boost in confidence and independence by always traveling.

You’ll Rely Less on Today’s Technology

Technology can be a great help but it can also cripple you down. A lot of people don’t venture out and explore because they’re stuck logging in on Facebook or taking photos for Instagram.

Constant travel will change your perspective on this. You’ll be spending more time looking at the beautiful things around you than the screen of your phone or laptop.