Travel into Guatemala with Directors

One of the biggest concerns that parents have is sending their child off to navigate immigration, customs, or other “unknowns”, of landing in a foreign, non-English speaking country. Because of this we will all meet together with a Yuda Trip travel director in one of our gateway cities. This way we will escort your child from one of our US gateway city into Guatemala. Please contact us to help make arrangements.

Local AND U.S. Directors

Throughout our trip, your child will have the benefit of both Guatemalan AND U.S directors. This has the benefit of translation, not only with the language itself, but also with the culture. As we visit the homes of Yuda Bands sponsored students and their families, local directors share valuable insight to lifestyle, traditions, and challenges, speaking from first-hand experience. Our U.S. directors fill a parental role, and are invaluable in maintaining a high standard of hygiene, safety, behavior of group members, etc.

Parents are part of the group

And you’re welcome to come! Our groups are primarily made up of youth but family members are invited to accompany us. Each year since 2007, a handful of mothers and fathers have added a wonderful variety and maturity to the group.

Meals Prepared by Trusted Local Cook

During our stay in San Martin Jilotepeque, our meals are prepared by a local woman named Lorena. Since 2007, Lorena has prepared the food for our groups, taking care to properly clean and prepare the food to avoid “stomach” issues. When we leave San Martin, meals will be purchased from reputable restaurants in tourist locations.

Nightly Communication

Even in the most remote area which we stay, Internet is available in our hotel. You will be able to communicate with your child nightly if you’d like! Skype and FaceTime are options, as well as texting and email.

Nine Years to a Lifetime of Experience

Our local directors were born and raised in Guatemala, giving them an incomparable understanding of the country, customs, and people. Our U.S. directors have been involved in guiding groups in Guatemala for over nine years.

Telephone Access Throughout the Trip

If you need to get ahold of your child in an emergency during the day, our directors will have a telephone on hand. The call will be international and your plan fees will apply. Information regarding telephone numbers and how to make an international call to Guatemala will be included in a Briefing Book, which will provided to you and your youth a couple of weeks before departure.

Safe Enough to Move a Family There?

In 2011, Yuda Bands’ founders, Brent and Laurie Whiting, moved to San Martin Jilotepeque with their family to spend a year developing Yuda Bands’ leadership program. At the time, their children were aged 8 – 17. To this day, they consider it one of their most rewarding experiences.

Scared was just one of many words to describe how we felt when our daughter said she wanted to go to Guatemala with the Yuda Bands organization. “This is not something a teenager should be doing. It was too scary and much too risky.” The word scared eventually turned into BLESSED. What our daughter experienced in going to Guatemala far outweighs anything she could have seen or learned in a textbook. This trip was not just a regular mission trip helping out in areas of need; it was that and so much more. It was about understanding, strength, bravery, confidence, and the start of genuine friendships. When she told us of her amazing stories upon returning home, we could hear in her voice and see in her face that she had truly received more than she had given. We never thought we would say this but we were very glad she had changed our skeptical minds.
N. Spady– Mother of 2015 Yuda Trip Participant