Marina Weinberger from Mission Viejo High School has found a great way to express her passion for Yuda Bands and serving others– by making a video. She took to heart the fact that we all want to watch videos rather than read or listen to intercom announcements.

I’m lucky to work with Marina as her project supervisor because she is very on the ball. A couple days before our scheduled project training she emailed a link to her video.


My favorite part, hands down is how Marina shows us some pretty moving statistics and as the music starts picking up she tells us EXACTLY how we can help. Buy a Yuda Band!

I agree with UNICEF when they say that “Education is the most effective way to break the poverty cycle”. Thanks Marina and all Yuda Bands Project Leaders for the work you’re doing to represent your school and Yuda Bands. We couldn’t do any of this without you! Good luck Marina, I hope your advertising goes well and that your student body likes your video as much as I do!