Teenagers deal with different kinds of pressure. They want to fit in. Others want to discover themselves first. It can be challenging sometimes. That’s why it pays to have an enriching outlet, like finding a passion or volunteering opportunities.

There are many ways to volunteer in 2017. A quick Google search will give you over a million results. Before doing that, make sure your motivation is right. Some teenagers only volunteer to bump up their resume. Others are forced or just want to do it for someone. Volunteering is beautiful. It can give you a higher purpose, it will develop your skills and self-confidence.

Volunteer opportunities for teenagers



1. Be part of the Yuda Bands project

The Yuda Bands Project grants scholarship to select students from developing nations. We, at the Yuda Bands Project, do it by selling handmade bracelets called “Yuda Bands”. We provide plenty of volunteer opportunities to teenagers.

The organization also invites teenagers on service trips abroad. The organizers, along with the volunteers, visit the scholars and help their communities. It’s a unique experience for aspiring servant leaders to try. The project is a continuous effort. This means you can always sign up and be part of it.

You can sign up today by clicking here.

2. Work as a farm aid in Kibbutz, Israel

Teenagers, who are interested in the Middle East, can volunteer as farm aids in Kibbutz. It’s a communal agricultural settlement in Israel. The farm is always looking for volunteers aged 18 and above. Volunteers perform basic manual labor and other simple tasks in exchange for lodging.

Student volunteers are usually responsible for their airfare and registration fee. The farm will take care of house and lodging.

This opportunity can help you go abroad, learn their culture and way of life. It’s also a wonderful way of getting to know the local community and appreciating hard work.


3. Volunteer for Lion’s Heart

Lion’s Heart is a non-profit community service organization. The organization welcomes volunteers who are in the 6th to 12th grade. The organization has been around for 13 years. They are experienced and can put volunteers in places where they can really help.

Lion’s Heart has outreach programs, leadership conferences, etc. You can volunteer right now and start a project anywhere in the U.S. You’ll only have to pay minimal fees to become a member.



4. Do something with DoSomething

DoSomething is arguably one of the most renowned global movements around. From small, local projects to large-scale community work, it’s a group teenager would want to be associated with. In fact, over 5 million young people are involved in making a change online and off.

The organization has plenty of advocacies that will suit your preference. You can be an animal rights advocate, fight hunger, take care of the homeless, or even preserve the environment. You’ll have options on how to help.



5. Help save the sea turtles

Do you have a soft spot for sea turtles? If you do, then the Sea Turtles Organization is for you. The organization’s mission is to ensure the survival of the highly endangered species. They always look out for new volunteers who share the same passion.

Volunteers pay their own airfare and registration fees. However, simple accommodations will be provided in return.