How many non-profit organizations let you meet the person you helped? Not many, right? In fact, we can’t name any organization except Yuda Bands.

This is one of the many reasons Maggie Peiffer, a 12th-grade student at Waynesboro Area Senior High School, joined the Yuda Bands movement.

Maggie is involved in many clubs — including the Student Council, Art Club, Executive Council, National Honors Society, National Arts Society, and she’s also a Field Hockey Varsity player.

She is the president of their Student Council and Historian of National Art Honors Society. Maggie was also the Field Hockey captain. Yet, she set aside time to volunteer and be part of a great cause.

“That’s where I bought my first Yuda Bands…”

Maggie knew about the Yuda Bands Project long before they started in December of 2017. In her sophomore year, she attended the Pennsylvania State Student Council Conference. That’s where she bought her first Yuda Bands.

In the first quarter of 2017, one student council member suggested selling Yuda Bands in their school.

Since Maggie already knew about Yuda Bands — and its mission of eradicating the Poverty Cycle through education — she immediately contacted The Yuda Bands Project.

“Most Fundraisers Don’t Directly Benefit a Person, Club  or Activity…”

Maggie and the Waynesboro Area Senior High School Student Council knew understood the importance of what they were going to do. Whaty they start will change the life of a student halfway across the world.

What helped them internalize these realizations further was speaking with Faith Tafuma, their international student.

Faith is high school student from Zimbabwe. His father passed away in 2006. She can’t attend school anymore because her mother is unemployed. The school fees are high, life is tough, and every day they do enough to survive.

So when they met Faith, talked to her, and knew her story through a video Skype call, it made a dent in their hearts.

This motivated the school’s Student Council to go the extra mile. Not just for excellence’s sake, but for Faith’s education. This attitude spurred a movement in their school.

The result?

Maggie Peiffer and Waynesboro Area Senior High School Student Council sold 483 Yuda Bands for Faith Tapfuma’s education.

“We marketed the project like crazy…”

The #1 challenge Maggie faced was if they could meet their goals. They utilized social media for promotion, sold Yuda Bands at a local craft show, and even sold Yuda Bands in a middle school.

What REALLY surprised Maggie was everyone wanted to be part of The Yuda Bands Project. Everyone wanted to join their movement.

It just goes to show that when you present the right message to the right people (and you’re doing it for the right reasons), you will succeed.  

“The Biggest Lesson We Learned as a Council Was That Everyone Can Make a Difference…”

Maggie and the Waynesboro Area Senior High School Student Council learned a valuable lesson. Every action, no matter how small, counts. A selfless action here, a generous act there, can create a ripple effect that will start life-changing movements.

Movements that can force a person, community, school, or culture to change for the better.

The Yuda Bands Project really opened the eyes of Maggie and the school’s student council. You’re not powerless. There are many ways you can improve the lives of other people.

One of them is by joining The Yuda Bands Project. Not only will you help grade school students from Guatemala or Zimbabwe, you’ll also help Guatemalan artisans. These artisans create the Yuda Bands we’re selling.

When you buy, you’re not only giving a student a future. You’re also helping a father feed his family with every Yuda Band you sell or buy.

What are you waiting for? Be part of the movement!

Let’s eradicate the Poverty Cycle one Yuda Band at a time.

Click the link below to join the Yuda Bands Project today:

Yes, I want to volunteer and change lives!