What comes in a Yuda Bands Project Kit?

The Bands

First off, in your Project Kit, you will receive the number of Yuda Bands your school ordered. The bands come in bags of 100 with three different selection varieties in A, B, and C bags. The selection of bands that come in each of the three bags have been chosen based on analysis of sales over several years. We want you to get a variety of our most popular and our most unique designs. Our A bag offers the greatest selection and variety. We will send you this bag first to get you started. If you order more than 100 bands your variety will increase with first an additional B bag then C bag being included in your kit. The more bands you order the more bags we will send in an A, B, C, order. If you order 300 bands, you will receive about 100 different designs!


Included in your Project Kit will be four full-color posters. You can use these to help advertise the cause to your school! Simple and trendy you can use these posters to mark the location of your lunchtime sales or position in key locations like the front entrance of your school or lunchroom doors. You can even copy them and tape them up all over your school! These posters should help to get you started with your project advertising. Don’t forget that there are also many other posters and advertising resources available on the Yuda Bands website!


If you ordered t-shirts they will also arrive in your Project Kit. Remember shirts are only for project and committee members for advertising purposes and your own enjoyment. Since we do not sell t-shirts for a profit we will only send them with a shipment of Yuda Bands to save on the cost of postage.

Instruction Sheet

Last of all, there will also be included an instruction sheet with further information to help you get started with your project and walk you through the process of returning the remaining bands after your school’s project is completed.