We’ve been hearing all about community service for years. Whether it’s to feed the hungry or volunteer for a local shelter, it’s taken center stage among young people who want to make a difference. But what is community service? What does it really mean?

In this post, we’re going deeper as to what community service is. From the definition to its implications, allow us to provide a clearer picture below.


What is community service?

Community service is unpaid work done by a person for the benefit of others. It’s usually conducted for a local or global community. Moreover, it is often organized through a local organization or individual.

For example, your local church organizes a food drive for storm-stricken victims. They call out for donations and volunteers who want to take part in the program.

Similarly, an individual who wants to improve his/her local neighborhood can organize a community service project. For instance, you can propose a park clean up and restoration and carry it out, together with other volunteers.


What are other examples of community service?

There are so many ways you can participate in community service. It only depends on your personal interests, skills, and capabilities.

Other examples of community service are delivering meals to senior citizens, reading stories for children in shelters, tutoring children after school, and holding recycling programs. Helping low-income people such as the hungry and homeless is another example of community service.


What it’s not…

We’ve discussed what community service is. It’s time to discuss what it’s not. Community service is not tutoring your sibling on a difficult subject. However, community service is tutoring children in your local shelter for free.

Helping a political candidate during elections is not community service. Volunteering at a polling place is. Performing in a school play is not community service but performing for a charitable event is.

Community service is going out of your way to help a cause. You depart from your comfort zone and connect with people in need locally or overseas. Helping those whom you personally know or working within your comforts isn’t exactly what we refer to as community service.


Why be part of a community service project?

There are many reasons why more people are taking part in community service. It’s more than just making yourself feel good. It’s beneficial in so many ways.

First, it opens your world to many realities. You expose yourself to different cultures, practices, and experiences. With that, you grow as a person who is now more confident, skilled and developed. You will be seeking better opportunities that will benefit you in college or in real life.

Community service also allows you to appreciate the comforts of home. Not everyone is as fortunate as you. That’s why volunteering for others lets you be more appreciative and understanding. Perhaps you will no longer be worried about superficial things.

Making the world a better place is arguably one of the strongest reasons why we serve. The world can use a little more love, care and, attention. Whether you’re serving in Africa or in your own neighborhood, there’s always something we can do for others.