Your volunteer fee covers almost every aspect of your Yuda Venture, starting when you meet at the airport. Below is a breakdown of what is and isn’t included in the volunteer fee. Please account for these extra costs when you are budgeting for your trip.


  • Service project materials
  • Lodging – beginning when the trips meet up at the airport and ending when the trips return to the airport
  • Food and water – some meals not provided in Nicaragua & Guatemala
  • Transportation during the trip – we use only private vehicles to get around
  • Payments for local support – local Yuda Bands directors, guides, translators, food providers tips, etc
  • Cultural experiences – food, venue, sound, etc
  • Adventures – Entry fees to national parks, private tours, volcanos, safaris, canopy tours, boats, local guides, inter-country flights (Guatemala only), etc. Itineraries can be found for each country:
    Guatemala | Nicaragua | Africa

Not Included

  • Spending Money- $100-200 for snacks, souvenirs, and on your own meals (excludes Africa).
  • Payment processing fees – 3% of the amount you fundraise/pay with a card. No fees added if you pay with Venmo.
  • COVID-19 Testing – This amount varies based on location between $50-$150. We’ll let you know the cost for your trip so you can add it to your final payment.
  • Visa/vaccine Costs (Africa only)– $150-200
  • Airfare- Volunteers are responsible for arranging their own domestic travel to the gateway airport. International airfare will be purchased by Yuda Bands but must be paid by trip volunteer. Your final payment will be adjusted if airfare is more or less than the anticipated. Below are estimates for international airfare 2022.
    • Guatemala City ($500)
    • Managua ($600)
    • Victoria Falls ($1500)

Paying for your Trip

It’s important to start finding ways to pay for your trip right away. Make a plan and stick to it. You’ll find that your friends and family will be excited to support you so you can reach your goal. See payment deadlines and information here.

Yuda Ventures support the Yuda Bands cause and your volunteer fee is tax-deductible. We will help you make a unique online donation page to help you fundraise for your trip. This is a great way to give donors a quick and easy way to support you! Checkout fundraising ideas here.