is considered by the major world – help organizations to be the most effective way to break the poverty cycle and improve the standard of living in the developing world.

We provide educational scholarships that pay school fees for high school age students in developing nations.

Six Reasons

why we are ALL IN on education, and why we think you should be too.

Say what? School isn’t free?

In the US, everyone has access to public school but unfortunately many developing countries don’t offer public high school options, especially in rural areas.

In Zimbabwe and Guatemala education costs between $400-500 USD per school year depending on the school. The cost to enroll a student in the LEAD program is about $100 per year.

Students are hand selected by our local directors based on financial situation and desire to learn. We firmly believe that if not done correctly, giving scholarships can limit students. This is why we only give scholarships to youth who have no other way of paying for school themselves. In nearly every case, each student will still be required to pay a small portion of their fees. This small sacrifice encourages them to take their education moreseriously.

When you sell bands at your school, or purchase a bracelet yourself you’re adding to a scholarship fund for the particular student your school has selected to fundraise for. The money you raise will cover their schools fees and costs to enroll in the Yuda Bands LEAD program. You can learn more about LEAD here >

“I was sponsored by Yuda Bands in 2008 and 2009. I am still grateful and still in love with this great program. Yuda Bands is everything to me. It has helped me to achieve my dreams.”

– Gricelda Argueta