is considered by the major world – help organizations to be the most effective way to break the poverty cycle and improve the standard of living in the developing world. Here are six reason why.

Health and Wellness

Educated people are healthier people. A child born to an educated mother is more than twice as likely to survive to age 5. Education provides knowledge about vaccines, clean drinking water, and healthy lifestyles.  1 2

Individual Income

For people born into poverty, studies show that each year of quality education can increase a person’s income by 10 percent. 3 4 5 6

Community Economic Boost

Every $1 invested in education in developing countries, gives back a return of $10  in economic benefit. The whole community is helped by an educated society. 7

Personal Empowerment

Education creates better lives by increasing awareness of life options and giving the dignity that comes from the ability to know and stand up for your human rights. 8 9

Woman and Girls Impact

The influence of women and girls in family and community is increased dramatically with education. Educating girls is considered the most influential factor for change in the developing world. 10

Reduction of Violence

Education promotes peace. In developing nations, each year of education reduces the likelihood of a male’s involvement in violent conflict by 20 percent. 11