Over three billion people are making ends meet on less than $2.50 each day. Most of them are large families. They suffer from lack of nourishment, education, health, and livelihood. Our work is our life for one reason: Giving goes a long, long way. That being said, there are plenty of reasons why giving matters. Today, we reflect on its impact and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Giving evokes hope

Whether it’s as simple as a bag of rice or extensive as an educational plan, giving makes a difference. You can give them newfound hope, especially to those who have long lived in darkness. It tells them that there is a way out of their misery. It shows that them that there are those willing to go out of their way to help better their lives.

Hope is such a positive experience for poverty-stricken populations. When you give, you inspire others to see the good around them.

Giving begets gratitude

Research found that gratitude is an impetus to health, happiness and social relations. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, you immediately feel better. When you give, you instill this sense of optimism to someone. It’s an infectious feeling that people to pass around.

When we are grateful, we see the world differently. We are inspired to perceive life better and in turn, do better. We are driven to appreciate what we have and what others don’t. This is often the reason why volunteers do what they do. They realize that they have so much to give.

Giving changes lives

People in poverty are deprived of their basic needs. An incredibly gifted child who can’t afford school is unable to unlock his/her full potential. At the same time, skilled workers can’t live to their potential. They lack opportunities. They are left to earn the lowest wage while fending for a family of 10.

Giving has the power to change lives. For example, sponsoring a child’s education or providing meaningful livelihood to workers. Your selfless act leads them a step closer to fulfilling their dreams. It helps them develop their skills, learn valued lessons and face the world with a stronger foundation. Through giving, their lives have a newfound purpose.

Giving promotes social awareness and action

Volunteering and philanthropy show you an entirely different world. Often times, it’s overwhelming to discover how bad living conditions are for a lot of people. That’s why we are relentless in giving. We’ve seen first hand the effects of extreme poverty, we couldn’t be more inspired to end it.

Giving has the power to transform us into more socially responsible human beings. It not only teaches us to count our blessings and to share them with others. It also empowers us to live our lives in a more meaningful way.

To some, volunteering may be a year-end chore. However, it’s so much more than just a necessity. It builds stronger human connections, sparks hope and impacts lives. Moreover, it can also turn us into happier, healthier and more fulfilled individuals.