You already know serving can make a big difference in society. It’s an act of kindness. A way to give back and hopefully inspire others to do the same. But did you know that serving makes you healthier?

Yes, we live in a cynical world. People don’t want to volunteer and serve. If they do, they do it reluctantly. You’ve probably heard someone ask questions like:

  • What’s in there for me if I volunteer to give my time in a community service project?
  • Will I get paid for being nice to people who are in desperate need of my help?
  • What’s the point of giving what I have to someone who won’t one day give me something in return?

You may already know this, but the people you serve may never give you anything in return. Yes, there are people who’ll say thank you and appreciate you. To be honest, that’s more than enough. You won’t get any gifts or anything like that. This turns people off. And, maybe, this might have turned you off, too. That’s why we’re to tell you that serving won’t give you materialistic wealth, but it will give you significant health benefits.

Scientific studies reveal that being generous can benefit you. That serving makes you healthier. There seems to be a correlation between serving and a giver’s health. Aside from self-esteem and friendship…

Here are some reasons why serving makes you healthier:

1. Serving Can Keep Your Stress in Check

Many people think that it is okay to be stingy. In fact, they argue that it is up to a person to decide whether they want to give or not. While there is nothing wrong with refusing to serve, at least from the face value, there are dangers in not doing it.

Being stingy has a connection with higher levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. According to Scientific America, stinginess increases the cortisol level in the body fast. The study shows that people who choose money over generosity often feel shameful. And, the more shameful a person feels, the higher their cortisol levels.

The single most valuable lesson here is that giving gives you peace of mind. It makes you feel happy and proud of yourself for having taken part in a mission that is bigger than yourself.


2. Serving Others Makes You a Happier Employee at Work

Taking part in a community service project can make you a better employee. In fact, the more you help people out, the more likely you will help people at your workplace.

Usually, a community service project requires combined efforts from many people. It means you will be working together to see a community project come to fruition. By working with people out there, and seeing their commitment to work, you develop the desire to serve.

Your desire will go beyond the community service project. As time goes by, you become a selfless person. What’s more is, you not only become more committed to working but also improve your well-being.

When you are a happier employee, chances that you’ll quit your job sooner are near zero. That’s because being altruistic makes you healthy as well as happy with your job.


3. You Are Likely to Live Long

Research shows that people who give often have very low risk of dying young, or early. Services, like visiting charity homes or donating regularly, can reduce mortality risks.

It is always assumed that stress, depression, and anxiety are the major reasons why people die sooner than they should. People who suffer from anxiety do not live for long. If a person, even under severe depression, chooses to serve, they can overcome anxiety. And if they, their chances of dying young are narrow.

But how is that even possible? Well, it is, because serving other buffers the association between depression and mortality.

So these are just some of the reasons. You’ll find tons more. But it is our hope that this will inspire you to serve.

Yes, serving doesn’t have material benefits. You won’t get the nice cars, a large house, or even get paid. But the rewards you attain are far more valuable. It’s friendship, a new whole outlook on life, and tremendous health benefits.

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