Yuda Bands is a popular community service project for good reasons. Your school principal might still be on the fence about it though. That’s why we outlined 4 things your principal should know about Yuda Bands. Try invoking the following details so you can convince him or her that this is the ideal project for the students.

4 Things Your Principal Should Know About Yuda Bands:

It’s a Lot More Personal Than Other Projects

The first step in launching a Yuda Bands project is to choose a child that gets sponsored. The team leader, usually a senior student, starts by looking at the profiles and pictures of children they can help. These children are from Guatemala and Zimbabwe.

Students won’t stop there. They’ll also communicate with the person they’re sponsoring through apps like Skype. Studies have shown that people donate and volunteer more when they know who or where the money is going. By making this project more personal you’ll entice more students to get involved.

Students Will Appreciate the Value of Education

Many students take their education for granted. With Yuda Bands, they’ll see how other students around the world don’t have the same privileges they do. Now the students will see how hard life can be when attaining an education is a near-impossible task. Poor children in Guatemala and Zimbabwe can’t afford even the basic educational needs. Without proper education, they can’t get good jobs when they get older.

With Yuda Bands students will see the difference between their lives and the ones of the less fortunate. The impact of seeing this firsthand can affect your students for years. Many students involved with Yuda Bands learn to make the most of the education they have and eventually become great leaders in the community.

Yuda Bands is Ideal for Leadership Training

Through Yuda Bands students can become great leaders. This project requires them to start a movement among their peers, to delegate different responsibilities to different team members, and to properly plan their course of actions. When things go awry they’ll have to work together to resolve the problems and this builds good character.

Many school clubs, like Key Club and Leo Club, train leadership skills through service. Yuda Bands embodies this ideal as well. As a matter of fact, Yuda Bands is a part of a leadership program known as L.E.A.D (Leadership Education Attitude Development). Through this leadership training program, students learn how to break the poverty cycle plaguing the world.

Yuda Bands is Free

Your principal might not want to endorse community service projects that are too expensive. It’s a good thing that Yuda Bands is free of charge. The organization covers the production costs for the bracelets. They cover the shipping costs for the marketing materials and the bracelets too. If the students can’t sell all the bracelets they can send the remaining ones back for free.

This means students can launch a Yuda Bands project as many times as they like because they don’t have to spend anything. They can keep doing the project repeatedly throughout the school year, raising as much money as they can to help those in need.