Leadership through training is a method used by many different school clubs. It makes sense since students will grasp how to take on difficult responsibilities and work with others. Community service projects also help students value and appreciate the good things they have today. It will let them learn how to empathize with the less fortunate around the world. If you’re looking for the best youth leadership projects then consider the following suggestions…

Youth Leadership Projects to Help Your Community

Tutor Children After School

Most youth leadership projects involve spending a little money. This is one project that you can do for free and it helps develop other future leaders.

If you’re a middle school student you can volunteer to tutor children in elementary school. If you’re in high school you can tutor those in middle school. Many students have a hard time with math, history, and science. You can focus on tutoring those subjects first.

Organize a Show for a Children’s Hospital

Good youth leadership projects allow everyone involved to have some fun. Organizing a show for a children’s hospital is a lot of fun and you should consider this option whenever you can. You can help these patients forget about their pain and suffering even if only for a short while. It will also be a good platform to exercise your organizational skills. Putting this show together requires a lot of effort and communication with the hospital so it will put you to the test.

Give and Decorate a Christmas Tree at a Retirement Home

Elderly people at a retirement home are often forgotten by their families and friends. They sometimes have to spend the holiday seasons on their own. This can get lonely and miserable for them. You can help them out by donating a Christmas tree and decorating it at their retirement home. This simple act will show the elderly that people still care and remember them.

Selling Yuda Bands

Yuda Bands is a great example of youth leadership projects that hit multiple goals with one idea. The main objective is to sell handmade bracelets. The money funds the education for poor children in Guatemala and Zimbabwe. At the same time, you’re creating jobs for the artisans who make the bracelets.

This is a good project to consider if you don’t have funds or the time to run something long-term. Yuda Bands projects last for two weeks and the organization covers all the expenses. They’ll even pay for shipping to send back any extra, unsold bracelets.

Start a Recycling Contest

This is the type of project that can put your leadership skills to the test, especially if you involve people outside the school. You’ll have to organize the dates, criteria, and rules regarding the competition. You’ll also have to facilitate what kind of garbage qualify and what should go to a junkyard. You’ll also be dealing with a lot of people so you’ll have to rely on your social skills and coordination abilities too.

This project, like Yuda Bands, also hits a lot of objectives at once. You’re cleaning the neighborhood, creating new things that the community can use, and you’re getting the whole community together.