Most clubs, if not all, focus on developing leadership skills and promoting community service. Everyone has to pitch in to make the world a better place. In doing so, the youth can attain the skills needed to find success in their future careers.

There are a lot of good projects for a club to get into. However, one of the most excellent and engaging projects is the Yuda Bands bracelet service project. The goal of this project is to sell bracelets in order to raise education funds for children in Guatemala and Zimbabwe.

Why go with this one when there are so many different project options? Consider the following reasons:

The Yuda Bands Bracelet Service Project is 100 Percent Free

Unlike many other fund-raising projects this easily stands out because it doesn’t cost anything to operate. Marketing materials are freely given. Any unsold bracelets are sent back free of charge. There are no hidden fees and financial obligations either.

Each bracelet is sold for $7. Students don’t have to buy bracelets to be a part of the project and, as mentioned, all unsold bracelets can be shipped back for free. You aren’t obligated to sell all of the bracelets given for the project.

Students Connect to their Sponsored Youth

Before launching a Yuda Bands project the club has to choose a child to sponsor. Yuda Bands encourages the club members to connect with the sponsored youth on a personal level. This can be done via Skype calls and social media messaging.

This makes the experience vastly different than other service projects. Most projects see students handing out donations to people they don’t personally know. This is not the case with the Yuda Bands project.

You’re Creating Jobs

Yuda Bands bracelets don’t make themselves. With each initiated project someone is given a job to make a new stock of bracelets. This means you’re not just supporting a child to finish his or her education but you’re also helping someone make a living. Many of the Yuda Bands makers are adults who may no longer be able to attain a proper education. Through this project, they can still provide a decent living for their families.

Better Education Leads to Better Economy

The main goal of the Yuda Bands project is to provide quality education for those who cannot afford it. Attaining that quality education is the key to improving world economy. That child will now have the skills and training to qualify for a better career instead of slumping back below the poverty line.

Education Has Cumulative Value

Canned food drives, toy donations, and clothing donations are all helpful but they are consumable goods. A day will come when those toys and clothes can no longer be used. Food is consumed in a matter of days. Education, on the other hand, has cumulative value. Its value only increases as time goes by.

This means your club is giving something that never depreciates. You’re giving someone a gift that will stay and always be crucial for their success. It is also the kind of gift that no one can take away.