We see education as the lasting solution to fight extreme poverty. Unfortunately, Do Something reports that about one billion children in the world are living in poverty. They do not have the resources to go to school and change their future. Despite their dreams of living a different life, poverty keeps them from reaching their full potential.

A band to fight extreme poverty

Tragic as it may seem, many are exerting tremendous effort to end poverty for good. For one, we at Yuda Bands have found an effective means: Our bracelets. Ever since our initiative started, we have put children to school in developing nations like Guatemala and Zimbabwe. We have also given local craftsman and artisans employment opportunities that improved their lives drastically.

Finally, a spark of hope is alive in these children’s hearts. Finally, they have a shot at changing their lives.

Designed with the heart of service

Local artisans crafted each Yuda Band by hand. It is a sustainable project that helps people in so many ways. With each bracelet sold and worn, not only is a child able to go to school. Another person from a poverty-stricken country will have the opportunity to work and earn.

The bracelets are visually appealing. It is not merely wearable but also, meaningful. They are made to provide opportunities to those who always thought that they could never change their destiny. More importantly, they are created to give hope and to help distant dreams come true.

Perhaps one of the best parts of being involved in this project is the curiosity one bracelet can bring. Upon seeing a Yuda band worn by someone, another can’t help but wonder what it means. One question can lead to eye-opening answers. From here, more people become aware; more become involved — and we all know that there is strength in numbers.

Youth-led bracelet service project

The younger generation is at a point in their lives wherein they are starting to discover what is happening in the world. That’s why we consider them as our hope for a better tomorrow.

We made the Yuda Bands Project a youth-led service learning project. By doing this, younger people can get involved. Their eyes become more open to what’s beyond their lives of comfort. Moreover, they begin to realize how much of the world needs their help. Through these bracelets, today’s youth in service can start providing more opportunities to the underprivileged. Through our Yuda bands, today’s young people in service can ensure a brighter future.

Getting involved

We are always open to more individuals who want to be involved. As of now, our Yuda bands are available from schools that are currently participating in the project. It is also available in youth seminars we participate.

If you are a student and want Yuda Bands to work with your school, then you can simply get in touch with us on our website The process will be as easy as it is rewarding.