Yuda Bands has become a popular community service project among middle and high school students. It’s about selling handcrafted bracelets to fund the education for poor children in Zimbabwe and Guatemala. If you’re looking for a go-to Spanish Culture project, this is one you should definitely try out.

Here’s why Yuda Bands Should be Your Go-To Spanish Culture Project

Communicate with Spanish-Speaking Students

Yuda Bands is a unique service project in the sense that it allows the students to communicate directly with the person they are aiding. Encourage the students to speak to the one they’re sponsoring through apps like Skype. This means the students will have the chance to speak Spanish to someone from Guatemala, where Spanish is the primary language.

Learning a language and understanding its intricacies can be quite difficult. Students can overcome this hurdle now. They will further grasp the finer details by speaking with someone who naturally grew up speaking Spanish.

Students will get the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned. This allows the native Spanish-speaker to correct and guide them in ways even a teacher cannot.

You Are Giving Back to the Community

This service project gives you the opportunity to give back to the community. You’re practicing your Spanish capabilities while helping the world around you. There are people in Guatemala who don’t have regular jobs or cannot afford to go to school.

Through Yuda Bands you can help relieve these problems. You’re also spreading awareness so that other people, in and out of school, can get involved too. It’s always possible that your Spanish culture project could get the attention of some church or political leaders. At the very least, you’re creating jobs and helping a child go to school.

Explore Spanish Culture Through Crafts and Art

Spanish culture isn’t only explored through language. You can learn a lot about someone’s heritage and history through their art and craftwork. Yuda Bands accomplishes this feat and more.

Your students can see how these bracelets represent the Spanish culture embedded in Guatemala. Students experience and appreciate how these Guatemalans prospered before, during, and after their era under Spanish rule. Students will learn how their art and culture changed over the years and what it has evolved into today.

It’s Free and Only Two Weeks Long

One of the best aspects of Yuda Bands is that it is free and only two weeks long. Each project requires the students to sell as many Yuda Bands bracelets as they can in that period of time.

You can send any unsold bracelets back for free. The Yuda Bands organization pays for all the shipping. They even pay for the marketing materials like posters. This means the students don’t have to spend a single penny to get started.

They only have to pick a student to sponsor and then sell as many bracelets as possible to raise funds. It’s that quick and simple. During the two-week period, they’ll get the chance to speak with the sponsored student through Skype. This establishes a stronger bond between them.

You can check out further details about the Yuda Bands Project by clicking here.