Yuda Bands is a popular service project for middle and high school students. It’s free, quick and easy to conduct. For this reason, many schools have already seen Yuda Bands in Action. The money raised helps fund the education for children in Guatemala and Zimbabwe. How does it work, exactly? How does the organization aid the sponsored children with their future and schooling?

The organization focuses on a program called L.E.A.D (Leadership Education Attitude Development). This program uses three main components to achieve their goals. These three components put the vision-mission of Yuda Bands in action.

With these components Yuda Bands aids in training students as successful leaders. You’ll know that the raised funds aren’t wasted. The money earned from selling Yuda Bands bracelets guarantees these students’ futures.

The Three Components that put the Vision-Mision of Yuda Bands in Action:

Component #1: Monthly Mentoring

The sponsored children not only get funding for schooling but also leadership training. They undergo monthly mentoring. This involves consistent mentoring over the course of an average of three years. They are also encouraged to set goals. With these goals, they can create realistic plans to achieve those objectives in the future.

Monthly mentoring also makes sure that the students don’t lose track of their vision. Some students start off promising but lose their way during middle or high school. With constant mentoring, these students will stay on the right path until they graduate.

Component #2: Monthly Workshops

Life skills and leadership training become the main priorities in the LEAD monthly workshops. Students sponsored by Yuda Bands learn the skills for time managing, budgeting, and problem-solving. They learn how to research, how to prepare a presentation, and build confidence to present that information to an audience.

The students will learn how to present their research to large audiences. Not only will they learn to solve problems and research but they’ll gain the confidence required when teaching and presenting. This is an essential characteristic of any potential leader.

Component #3: Quarterly Projects

Every three months the Yuda Bands-sponsored students give back to the community. They take part in community service projects and help taking care of their community. This allows them to understand first-hand the amount of work that helped put them to school.

These students will learn how their actions can affect their community and their future. They can do projects like cleaning the environment or helping with local farms. Studies show that people who give end up happier, wealthier and healthier. These students can take part in that magic in the simplest ways they can.

Keep in mind that these students got their funding through community service aid. Now they can pay it forward and do their part to help those around them.

 Take Part with Yuda Bands

Help these students push forward with high school and LEAD. All you have to do is sign up for a Yuda Bands project.

The project only lasts for two weeks and it is free of charge. You don’t have to pay for the bracelets or the shipping. They even provide the advertising materials such as posters. The money raised from selling those bracelets sponsors these students to stay in school. It also creates jobs for the bracelet makers.