More than one billion people live in extreme poverty. That’s every person living in less than $1 a day. Fortunately, many committed to winning the fight against poverty. For one, Yuda bands in schools are making a difference — one sold bracelet at a time.

We at Yuda are relentless in our efforts to provide a brighter future to the children of Guatemala, Zimbabwe, and other developing nations. With young servant leaders and schools working with us, we believe that we can put an end to the unjust suffering of many. We believe that education is key to eradicating extreme poverty.

Service at a young age

Yuda bands in schools are teaching students what service truly means. It’s not just about fulfilling required community service hours. It’s become a mission for many high school students to change the way the world works, for the better.

Students who take part in our Yuda bands project discover there is more to life than pop quizzes and dances. Many realized their calling. They are touched by the stories of impoverished children and have since committed to helping them.


Yuda Bands in School: Creating awareness

Many are still unaware of our mission. That’s why Yuda bands in schools allow us to spread the word much faster. We get to cast a wider net. In turn, more people discover another way to give hope to others. Students awakened at a young age, driving them to make a difference now.

It inspires others to make a change, no matter how simple their effort. Other students start their own service projects. Some join humanitarian groups. Many share our commitment. That’s why we remain steadfast.


Building a sense of community

Selling Yuda bands isn’t just about helping children get through school. It’s also about building a community that shares the same sentiment. More work together towards one goal. Furthermore, people learn to cast their differences aside and see each other as allies.

Our bracelet service project is determined to continuously unite people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, student, janitor or bus driver. Purchasing one Yuda band (or more) means you care about the world’s future.


The value of hard work

Not everyone readily understands what Yuda bands is all about. That’s why we are amazed by the hard work of students and teachers involved in our project. They spend days on end to raise awareness and sell these bracelets. Many of these volunteers have made this project their priority.

The young students learned the value of hard having Yuda bands in schools. The younger generation will grow to become responsible, empathic and promising servant leaders this way.


Unique opportunities

We don’t stop at selling bracelets in schools. Many of our student volunteers get the chance to visit the developing nations we are helping. In fact, we organize yearly excursions to places like Guatemala and Zimbabwe. Our volunteers meet their sponsored families, local bracelet artisans and experience an entirely different culture.

These young servants come back changed, and even more determined to help.