“Ayuda” means “Help” in the Spanish language. That’s why we call our project the YUDA Bands Project. The aim is to help students finish high school through Yuda Bands. Today, Yuda Bands is helping others in more ways than that.

The Yuda Bands Project also helps students learn Spanish, enhance their leadership skills, see what they’re taking for granted, and ultimately help them realize THEY can help. A service project like this also impacts the teachers, school, and community.

There are many ways Yuda Bands is helping. Here are a few more…

Here are 5 Ways Yuda Bands is Helping Others:

It Helps Fund Education

When your school joins the Yuda Bands project, you personally help a student from an impoverished country. Once the project starts, you get to pick the student you want to help. You can even talk to him/her through Skype. You can also visit them if you join the Yuda Bands Service Trip.

This gives students extra motivation to do the project excellently. Because they know another student’s education is at stake.

Each student was carefully selected by the Yuda Bands organization. The student helps their communities through local service projects. So when you join the Yuda Bands Project, you won’t just help someone finish school. You’ll also gain a friend with the same passion as you.

It Helps Families Around the World

Aside from the Guatemalan and Zimbabwean students, you’re also helping Guatemalan artisans. It’s these Guatemalan artisans who create the Yuda Bands. When you sell Yuda Bands, you’re also helping them make a living.

You’re giving them more income to help their family, send their children to school, and live a better life. What they get is about 1/3 of the Yuda Bands’ price. To us, that may be small. But to them, that’s already one meal.

You won’t just help students. You’ll also help families. You’ll create a ripple effect that will affect a whole new generation. A new generation that can help break the poverty cycle.

It Helps Students Develop Leadership Skills

The Yuda Bands project helps students develop a sense of responsibility. This makes them feel their actions matter. They can produce a community filled with humanitarian spirit and accountability for others.

Every student who joins the Yuda Bands project receives leadership training from the organization. This will help them achieve their sales goals, team goals, and give them the proper mindset. What the students learn will also help them later in life where they need to handle stressful jobs, people, or environments.

It Inspires Everyone in School to Unite

There is likely a lot of students in your schools willing to help the community. However, they have no financial means.By starting a Yuda Bands project, you provide them with an open avenue. This allows them to express their charitable side and inspire other students to do the same. Before long, the Yuda Bands project can become a mainstay in your school and inspire others to start their own service project.

It Changes Lives for the Better

The Yuda Bands project helps other people around the world get a better education. At the same time, the project also helps change the lives of the students going through it.

Many people who went through the projects reported that the experience was life-changing. The project shaped them to pursue different humanitarian career paths. Many are now helping communities around the world. Through this, they are eliminating poverty little by little.