The Yuda Bands Project is among the most popular service projects in North America. It helps fund the education for poor children in Zimbabwe and Guatemala. The craftsmen and women who make the bracelets are also guaranteed a job each time more bracelets get ordered. Many students prefer this service project over others because it’s free. Is this claim true?

Is the Yuda Bands Project Really Free?

All Materials Paid For

You need to first think about the cost of running the project. The students first need to have the bracelets they’ll sell. Marketing materials are also important. These include posters, flyers, and banners to attract customers.

In this regard, Yuda Bands is without a doubt free. The organization sends the bracelets and marketing materials for free. The students won’t have to pay a dime to launch and organize the project. The project also lasts for only two weeks so students won’t have to deal with extended miscellaneous fees either.

 Shipping Extra Bracelets is Free

What happens if the two week period is over and there are still unsold bracelets? Other projects would require the students to pay for the unsold items upfront. This is not the case with Yuda Bands. The organization allows the students to ship back the extra bracelets free of charge.

This is very important because it sets Yuda Bands apart from other service projects. Other projects require students to buy the items before they’re ever shipped to them. This guarantees the organization will not suffer any financial losses. With Yuda Bands they take care of all the expenses. Students can focus entirely on selling as many bracelets as they can. They aren’t obligated to sell everything.

There are No Hidden Fees

Students don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or miscellaneous fees. There are no sales taxes to worry about and no obligatory products to buy. This guarantees the students can focus on the more important task: selling bracelets to raise funds.

Yuda Bands also lends help whenever needed. The organization is always willing to step in if the students need to provide posters and legal papers to push forward with the project. This guarantees that Yuda Bands covers any extra, unaccounted for expenses, not the students.

Yuda Bands Takes All the Risk

With all the expenses covered by the organization, the students don’t have to worry about any financial risks. Yuda Bands covers all the risks – they’re the ones investing in bracelet production, shipping, and all the advertising materials. They’re the ones spending to make and send posters. They’re the ones that will pay if any unsold bracelets need to get sent back.


So is Yuda Bands really free as they advertise it?

The answer is a guaranteed yes. Students can start a Yuda Bands service project at any time and run it free of charge. They won’t have to spend a single dime but will raise funds to help children attain an education. This makes Yuda Bands one of the best service projects for middle and high school students to get into.