Service projects are bettering our world’s future. Throughout the globe, more and more individuals are making a change one innovative idea at a time. An example of which is the Yuda Bands Project — America’s most popular service learning project.

What started out as a personal dream has now become a full-fledged service project operating on a global scale. Derived from the Spanish word, “Ayuda,” which means help, Yuda has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

If it’s only now that you hear about this esteemed project, then you’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the Yuda Bands Project?

The Yuda Bands Project is a registered benefit corporation that generates student-led service projects through making, selling and distributing Yuda bracelets. Led by the Whiting family, Yuda Bands has been providing education and job opportunities to people in developing nations like Guatemala and Zimbabwe since 2009.

This humanitarian venture has not only sent countless children to schools. It has also opened up the eyes of many to the life-changing importance and impact of service. Moreover, it continuously fulfills its commitment to eradicate extreme poverty through education.

What are Yuda Bands?

Yuda Bands are handmade leather and coconut bracelets. Student-led service projects sell these bands. Funds from this bracelet project make it possible for children in developing nations to go to school.

Once student members commit to the project, these bracelets are sent then sold in their respective schools for the next two weeks at $10 each.

Beyond providing education, Yuda Bands also create jobs. Local craftsmen and women make the bracelets themselves, further exemplifying the project’s holistic far-reaching aspirations to improve the lives of many.

What Makes Yuda Bands Special?

Yuda bands are such a simple idea that comes with a powerful message. Once a person wears this bracelet, s/he has changed it forever. Another child in a poverty-stricken country goes to school; another child becomes a better citizen of the world. Every year, the world sees a fall in poverty across developing nations thanks to this simple idea.

The impact of Yuda bands doesn’t end in the betterment of a Guatemalan or child. Student volunteers who commit themselves to the project develop a renewed understanding of service. They become immersed in the experience, realizing that much of the world needs their help. They become changed people, accepting that there is much more to life than the privileges they have. These teenagers now believe that in their way, they can make a difference.

Yuda bands bring people together in hopes of eradicating extreme poverty. It believes that through education, the world will become a much better place. Children will now have a brighter future — all thanks to a little bracelet.

How can you get involved?

Yuda Bands is always on the lookout for others with the same dreams of a better world. Everything you need to know about Yuda Bands can be found on this website.

The best part? Getting involved is free.