Yuda is changing the way youth connects with the world. The Yuda bands service project has brought together students of all ages in the fight against poverty. We’ve worked with countless schools to continuously fulfill our mission.

There are many reasons why we are proud of our project. One of which are the success stories told by our volunteers.

Our Yuda bands service project allows our student leaders to interact with their sponsored student. Whether it’s through a Skype video or a personal meeting, volunteers have the opportunity to see where their efforts go to.



Mario is a 17-year old student in Guatemala. He had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. However, he never had the means to a proper education. His life changed when Stroudsburg High School Environmental Club decided to sponsor him through Yuda bands.

The club and Mario may have never met in person. However, a Skype call was sufficient for both parties to realize their lives are changed forever.

The club sold 200 Yuda bands. This raised $2,000 that was enough to give Mario a big step towards fulfilling his dreams.

“It makes me very pleased and very proud of what they’re doing with these”, said club advisor James DeRenzis.



Evelyn is one of the many children in Guatemala who can’t afford education. Thankfully, the Hillsborough Middle School (HMS) Student Council took on the Yuda bands service project in hopes of changing Evelyn’s life.

8th-grade student council members, Ishwari Nagnur and Neev Agarwal took the lead. They made it their mission to provide Evelyn with the scholarship she needs to finish school.

Like the others, they got to meet in Skype. The club was able to learn more about Evelyn’s life through a translator. From what inspires her to what she wants to become in the future, it looks like Evelyn will have a shot at achieving her goals.

“They are not just helping a fellow student in a far off country and her local community. They are recognizing the universal value of education in all of our lives and showing that our community can extend well beyond our borders,” principal Dr. Joseph Trybulski said,



Rian is a Zimbabwean teenager who lost both his parents. He now lives with his grandmother who doesn’t have a source of income. Both live off on handouts, which was inadequate for Rian’s education.

He had always dreamed of becoming a pilot. Now, he is closer to his dreams thanks to Cody High School Student Council. Tatum Buss, the student body president shared: “It’s something we’ve never done before. It sounded like a great idea.”

CHS got to communicate with Rian via Skype, and they couldn’t be more ecstatic. The club is currently selling Yuda bands and is determined to see through 520 bracelets until graduation.


These are just three of the many stories that the Yuda bands service project can attest to. You too can make a difference by joining the cause. Simply find out more details on our website. You will be changing a child’s life in no time.