Over a thousand Yuda Bands Sponsored Kids have already finished school. More than 70% of them are already working. Others proceeded to higher education. All of them now have a brighter future thanks to the passionate volunteers of the Yuda Bands Project.

The Yuda Bands Project believes that education is one of the best ways to destroy the poverty cycle. That’s why we offer scholarships to kids. We want to support as many as we can, but that’s not possible. That’s why there are rules.

Here’s how Yuda Bands Sponsored Kids can receive scholarships:

  1. The Student Has to Have Goals

For a child that lives in poverty, setting goals can be hard. The future is the last thing they think about. Besides the inability to look beyond today, they only search for ways to survive. Really, they have no time to think about goals, let alone set realistic ones.

Yuda Bands teaches them the importance of goal setting. These kids learn how to look beyond today. Also, they learn about the significance of tomorrow. By learning how to focus, these kids can move further to create realistic plans that can help them change how they see the future.

  1. Willingness to Work Hard and Accept Consistent Mentoring

To receive a scholarship, Yuda Band Sponsored Kids must participate in the LEAD program for 3 years. They should be willing to work hard during this period. Yuda Bands’ directors will monitor their academic progress from time to time. In addition, the student should be willing to receive regular counsel from the directors in the presence of their parents.

  1. Attend Life Skills Mentoring

To get an edge in life after high school, you need to have the right life skills. These include time management, appropriate budgeting, problem-solving skills, person-to-person respect, self-respect, and interpersonal relations. These skills are necessary, yet they are hardly taught in many schools.

  1. Attend Leadership Training

Yuda Bands requires that a child should take part in leadership training to stand a chance to win a scholarship. So far, the leadership training has three modules: top research, presentation design, and teaching in front of hundreds of people.

The goal of leadership training is not just to instill confidence in the child. It helps them to become experts in specific areas. And most of all, it enables them to reason objectively.

  1. Give Back to the Community

We can’t stress enough how important it is to give back to the community. Yuda Bands is all about service. And its members are expected to master the art of service. To qualify for the scholarship program, a student should be willing to commit to community service projects, as instructed by the Yuda Bands directors. Community service projects not only allow students to give back in a way they can afford. It enables them to realize that they can have an impact on the future of their own communities.