Former President Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

The majority of us believe we need money to make a difference, to change the world. To some extent, that is true. But waiting to get rich before helping is wishful thinking.

If you wanted to help, then you should have already started. A simple act of kindness, a small $5 donation, or even buying a $7 bracelet can already start changing the world.

How do we know?


It’s because that’s what we do. Our small-scale idea of selling $7 bracelets have helped more than 600 poor, underprivileged kids go to school.

Yuda Bands were so popular that others took notice. What’s more surprising and encouraging is that they volunteered to help. People wanted to be part of a movement to change lives, one kid at a time.

That’s when the Yuda Bands Project was born.

The Yuda Bands project is living proof that you don’t need money to make a difference. Wanting to help can be enough because even the sale of one $7 bracelet can change a kid’s life for the better.

Our lives changed when we decided to pursue our mission. We didn’t immediately realize just how one bracelet could impact the world, but it did, and we couldn’t be happier.

Behind the Yuda Bands Bracelet


The Yuda Bands Project started in 2008. We’ve concentrated our efforts on going beyond usual donations and financial aid provided by various sectors. With bracelets, we have sent a  number of children in Guatemala and other developing nations to school. With everyone’s help, Yuda Bands has been improving the lives of children who deserve an education as much as the next privileged one.

Yuda is derived from the Spanish word, “Ayuda,” which means help.

To us, a Yuda band is more than just an accessory. It is more than just a fashion fad. Having one means you’ve helped fight poverty by keeping or sending a kid to school. You have given that student a chance to get brighter future. You are not just wearing a bracelet. You are wearing an accessory that symbolizes hope.

Numbers We Can Change

As of today, over 168 million children are trapped in child labor. In developing countries, children are working to feed themselves and their family. Going to school is an after-thought. That’s why it does not surprise us that the global illiteracy rate is at 84.1%.

Many children currently don’t have the opportunities they need to improve their family’s lives. They believe that just like their parents they will forever be in poverty.

With the help of Yuda bands, we can finally break the cycle of child labor. We can give these kids the chance to be real children; go to school, play with friends and learn something new every day. We have the opportunity to help these children go farther than they’ve ever imagined. Education puts opportunities at their finger tips, and they are one step closer to achieving their wildest dreams.

Graduation Hats

Onward with Selfless Service

Be it happenstance or fate, Yuda is a life mission that we won’t trade for anything else. It has been an incredibly challenging journey throughout all these years. The sweat and tears have all been worth it.

With every school that signs up, every volunteer that extends a helping hand, every bracelet made and every student who graduates, our service to these poor communities continue with onward zeal and passion.

With the support of people just like you we will continue to help support students in need for many years to come!